Thursday, January 24, 2008

'Henry' SnowMan

Meet Henry SnowMan. He's adapted from a pattern by Crooked Creek Mercantile.

This guy is the biggest doll I've made so far - he measures 38 inches tall. He ate an awful lot of polyester filling I can tell you!! I think his jacket may be just a tad too snug.

I had a little bit of trouble making Henry's top hat, it wasn't the pattern, it was me. I never made one before and it took a while for me to get it 'right'. All in all I think it turned out nicely. The hat is painted muslin, with a brown felt band and on one side of the hat is some greenery, pip berries, and 4 rusted bells. On the opposite side is a rusty tin star that I added a sprinkling of German glitter glass to.

He's been stained with coffee/vanilla. His boots and gloves are painted on with acrylic paint. His pants and scarf are homespun and his jacket is made from warm and natural and I've sewn 6 different size colored buttons down the front.

Henry's eyes are buttons, which I've sewn on, and his nose is painted dowel rode which has been inserted into his face. Mouth is hand stitched.

So what do you think of Henry?

My 7 year old grandaughter came in from school yesterday and saw Henry sitting in my chair. Henry didn't have his hat yet and the litle minx picked him up and ran around the house with him crying out "oh Gramma!! What happened to you? You shrunk and lost all your hair, you're bald!! "

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  1. Very cute snowman, Nee Nee! Hoe cute is he, and he is so big!