Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Primitive Olde Barn Cat

I had alot of fun making this prim barn cat. It's adapted from a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives.
Usually to prim up a cat like this, I would paint it with black acrylic paint, sand it, stain it, put it in the oven to dry and then rub it down real good with wet cinnamon and return to oven. This pattern called for 'color washing' which I just love. It removes all of the other steps and you still get an 'olde' look to your finished craft.
All you do is add some paint to your stain, mix it, and paint it on your item. Dry it in the oven. It comes out already looking like you've done the sanding part. I love it! Instead of using 'wet' cinnamon I rubbed in dry cinnamon. Not only does it look 'olde' it smells heavenly too!

For an 'extreme prim' cat, you would probably want to use the wet cinnamon method. Just brush on your stain, rub the cinnamon into the wetness and return to oven to dry. It will come out with a totally different look than above. Still smells nice, but I think the dry method retains the cinnamon smell much longer.

This olde prim barn cat is now listed in my EZShoppe.

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