Monday, March 24, 2008

Bottle Cap Magnets

I thought I'd try my hand at making some bottle cap magnets using my graphics art as the images inside the caps. The ones shown do not have magnets glued to the backs yet, as they are not finished. They still need a few more layers of sealant brushed on. I'm using Mod Podge. What I really want to use is a resin filler/sealer. I've seen bottle caps made using this resin, and I love the end results.

My husband had a bag of old soda bottle caps he said I could have.
I'm making some bottle cap magnets of my grandchildren to give to my daughter and their aunts.
These are instructions for making the images from photos you have uploaded to your computer. You need a graphics program - I'm using Paint Shop Pro.

The inside of the caps are about an inch round so I went into my graphics program and opened a new 100x100 pixel transparent image with a resolution of 100. I then used the ellipse preset shape set at 1 width and holding down the shift key, drew out a circle.

The circle was off center.

so I clicked on Objects, Align, Center On Canvas.

Now my circle is centered perfectly but I still need to move the outer edges to the ends of my transparent image so the circle will be the correct size for inserting into my bottle cap. I click on the small squares and move the top, bottom and sides of the circle to the ends of the image.
Convert to raster layer and merge layers visible.

With the magic wand, select INSIDE circle. Add a new raster layer.

Open the image you want to use for your bottle cap. For this one I'm using a photo of my baby grandaughter.
Using the SELECTION TOOL set at CIRCLE place the tool in the center of the image you want used - I want to use her face so I placed my tool in the center of her nose and pulled the tool down towards me until I got what I wanted.


Minimize your photo, do not close it out. Using the EDIT OPTION again, PASTE INTO SELECTION. Go to ADJUST and SHARPEN.
You can leave the image as is or you can add some special effects to it, such as FADED NEWSPAPER which will be in your EFFECTS TOOL ( in PSP 9 which I'm using it will be under ARTISTIC EFFECTS).

You could go under ADJUST, HUE AND SATURATION and click until you get a sepia like color.

Since my photo wasn't that colorful to begin with, I chose going with the Sepia look. When you are satisfied with your image and effects, DESELECT the image and merge VISIBLE.

Go to IMAGE, RESIZE, width and size should be 150% CLICK OK. I don't understand why this works this way but printing off without resizing the image makes it too small for the bottle cap. It's more like an image size that would fit into a locket.

You can now print it off onto cardstock. Cut the image from your cardstock and brush some Mod Podge onto the inside of your bottle cap. Place your image into the cap and press down, smoothing down all around the edges. Brush on a thin layer of Mod Podge, let dry. Repeat as many as 5 times to get a nice sealer coat.

This isn't a very clear photo, but you get the idea.

Of course you can also place a quarter over a photo you have at home and trace around the area you want to use in your bottle cap. When you cut it out make it just a bit larger so it will fit snuggly inside your cap.


  1. Hi! I make hairbows and I am trying to make bottlecaps for them!Do you know of a free photoshop I can use to resize images or do you usually have to buy it? I have been so confused on how to resize pictures and would really appreciate your help!Thanks!

  2. Hi - I'm sorry I don't use Photoshop, I use Paint Shop Pro - you can download a free 'trial version' here:
    after the trial usage is up then you would have to purchase it - but there are other free image resizing programs out there if you do searches.
    Here's is one free program - although I've never used it myself:
    Try this link too:

  3. you sell them?