Friday, April 04, 2008

Chennille - good deals

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I picked up two old chenille bedspreads while antiquing, to cut up to use in my crafting.

Joanne stores has chennille for $12.95 a yard, a little too high for what I want to use it for. In Ohio I found a lightly soiled twin white chennile bedspread for $18. I found another one here in St. Charles on a 50% off table. It was marked $10 so I got it for $5. We happened to stop in a Joanne store and there was a sale on the chenille at 50% off, but I still think I got a better deal with my finds, and I don't care that they are lightly soiled, that will just make my prim crafts that much more prim. Also stopped in at Walmart, their chenille is $4 a yard - now that's a good buy and if I run out of chenille I know where I can get it for a nice price.

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