Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Goodies From Road Trip To Chicago - April 2008

The star quilt I found at Kane County Fairgrounds for $30. I also bought the picket fence 'sign' there for $15.

The black distressed beadboard shelf I found at an antiques / craft mall in Allen, MI. I also purchased the star/pipberry garland there. I picked up the old sewing box in another store in the area for $5. The same with the prim jar candle.

Chennile bedspread #1 I bought for $18 at the Medina Antique Store in Medina, OH.

Chennile bedspread #2 I bought at an Antique Store in St. Charles, IL for $5, it was marked 50% off.

I plan on cutting up the chenille spreads to make prim sheep and other crafts.

The spindles I plan to use for make-dos. Found those in an antique store in Ravenna, OH for $1 for a bundle of 4 - I bought 2 bundles.

I love the music that is played in the quaint country prim shoppes and purchased a used one for $5 from The Country Store in Geneva, IL . I also bought the black tin switchplates there, they are for the bathroom.

The fabrics I picked up at Joannes and WalMarts along the way. I was looking for some vintage fabrics in the antique stores, but they were priced beyond what I wanted to pay.

The Sweet Annie and crow on pineapple make-do I purchased in LaPorte IN. The Sweet Annie was $4.95 a bundle. There was only one left or I would have bought more.

The willow tree I bought at Bob Evans for $10 - we stopped there for breakfast in South Bend, IN on our way back home.

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