Monday, May 26, 2008

Adding Drop Caps To Your Blog Posts

What is a 'Drop Cap' you might ask? See the 'W' at the beginning of my paragraph? It's much larger than the rest of the text. That's a 'Drop Cap'. How did I do that? It's a code, that I've copied and pasted into my EDIT HTML of blogger editor. You have two choices, Edit Html and Compose. The code will only work in the Html option. I got the code from Tips For Bloggers . Scroll down the page until you see the tile header Drop Caps. There is a link to follow and then once you've chosen one of two Drop Cap choices, you copy and paste the code into your Html editor.

If you try to make any changes ( such as adding other Html coding for bold text, larger text, etc. or add to your Drop Cap posts - you MUST do it using the Edit Html option, using Compose will ruin in. I know I've done it at least a half dozen times already, lol. I thought I would be able to go into the Compose mode to add this last paragraph but it changed the coding somehow and the Caps were no longer big. I had to redo the entire thing.

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