Friday, May 16, 2008

Caswell & His Crow

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Good grief, how many sheep is she going to make you might wonder. The answer to that would be, as many as she can get out of what's left of the chenille bedspread.
It's going to be quite a few. Quite a few.
I've stained this one and painted his face and ears black. I cut up an old quilt piece and stained it for the pocket. The star that is handstitched to the pocket is from the same quilted piece, but unstained. I filled the pocket with some Sweet Annie, red pip berries and an old thread spool that I tied with a strip of homespun.
Caswell's legs are cinnamon sticks which have been wound with stained cheesecloth. Caswell can stand on his own, but his cinnamon legs need to be adjusted so he doesn't fall over, since he's topheavy.
The little crow on Caswell's back is his constant companion, his good bud. They go everywhere together. The Crow, as Caswell calls him, has been painted, stained, sanded and rubbed down with cinnamon. He wears a rusty collar with 2 rusty bells and the ends of the wire have been 'curled'.
Caswell & His Crow are listed on KKL Primitives.


  1. NeeNee, I think it's going to be a LOT! Especially if you're dealing with a bedspread! LOL LOL Hope it's not KING size! LOL I love the sheep. They're all fabulous.

    Have fun sewing.


  2. Thanks Linda

    I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a twin size spread, but it looks a lot larger to me. Got a good price on it, so I'm a happy sewer. *Ü*