Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cap Pin Cushion

I saw a link for a really cute ladybug pincushion and I wanted to give it a shot. I didn't have black felt for the ladybug, but I wanted to try out the base anyway using a bottle cap as the tut called for. I wasn't happy with it at all. It was too small for my taste and my fingers. This was my result.

As you can see it is not much larger than a spool of thread.

I hunted around the house for a larger cap to use and decided on a hairspray cap which worked out perfectly. It was easier for me to handle and I like the size.

Not having the black felt to finish off the ladybug, and being too impatient to wait until the weekend to go to the craft store, I decided to go ahead and make a pincushion without the ladybug. Instead I made a felt flower w/ leaf and sewed on a string of tiny 'pearls' around the top of the base.
I think it turned out cute.

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