Thursday, July 17, 2008

Snowman PinKeep

This is another cap pincushion I finished up this morning. He's not quite done yet, as I want to make him a tophat with black felt, which I'm out of. The base is a cap from a Dow bathroom spray cleaner, lol. I'm going around the house looking for caps and I'll be telling my daughters to save me all of theirs. His head is made from soft & natural, his 'coat' from red wool felt. The coat button is a star shape made from salt dough, which I purchased about a year ago. It is an actual button with two holes in the center and is sewed on. The snowman's eyes are sewn on beads and his nose is a wooden matchstick which I've painted orange. His mouth and eyebrows are hand stitched. Scarf is homespun and tacked with fabric glue to keep it in place.


  1. Love the Pinkeep...Are there any instructions?

  2. Hi Bernice
    If you'll have a look at the post beneath this one, you'll see a link for the instructions for the base ( a small bottle cap was used and I substituted larger caps such as from hairspray). As soon as I pick up some black felt that I need for the snowman tophat, I'll post my instructions. :)