Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tips For Bloggers - A MUST SEE site!!

Recently, I came across a blog called Tips For Bloggers. The author goes by the name of Vin. I was specifically looking for a way to change my archives so that it would only show post titles instead of post dates, so that readers could find specific posts much easier. Here are the instructions on how to do just that:

I had no problem following Vin's directions. Easy Peasy! But I noticed that not ALL of my posts were showing. Out of 348 only about 102 were in my sidebar. Now I could find my older posts easily enough by going into my dashboard, clicking on Manage Posts and doing a search. For example I was looking for some posts I had made when I first created this blog on how I made my homemade floral potpourri. I typed in potpourri - and the post came right up. I didn't have to read through each listing. But these earlier posts were not displaying in the side bar.

I went back to Vin's blog and commented on his titles without dates post that I was having a problem and explained what it was. He got back to me right away and while it took a couple days to get it worked out, Vin was patient with me and sent me various codes to try. This morning I'm so HAPPY that it's all GOOD and working just the way I want it.

I highly recommend visiting Tips For Bloggers . Especially if you are using the Beta Blogger version. This is the one where you have Layout instead of template and page elements for creating new categories with move and drop method of organizing them. I have been using the original version with template in this blog, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use this particular 3 column template.

A few examples of Tips that Vin has:

How to list all the posts in blogger in alphabetical order
Different backgrounds in each post
Add My Space layouts to Blogger blog
Thumbnail albums for Blogger
Music in your blog

So many more tips and instructions!

Also be sure to visit Vin's main blog Beta Blogger For Dummies

Thanks for all your help Vin!!

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