Friday, August 01, 2008

Baby Sock Rose Bouquet

Aren't these baby sock roses just adorable??!!! A perfect gift for a baby shower or to deliver to a new mom at the hospital.

The following photos directions were posted by Cheri aka Country Cottage at the Prim Part Forum.
They are posted here with permission from Cheri. *Ü*

Cheri says she got the instructions from an 'older book' called Craft -a-Party Baby Showers.

Cheri's instructions:

I use the straight craft wire that you can get at WalMart. I used the 18 gauge wire, that way the stems aren't wobbly. It comes in green or silver. All Walmart had was the silver, which is OK, because you will cover it up with florist tape. I usually buy 6 pairs of socks that way you will have a dozen 'roses'.

Beginning at the toe, roll the single sock to 1" or so from the open end. I roll them on a slant, that way you get the different levels, then take the open end and flip it up over the bottom of the rose.

Take the wire and wrap it around the bottom of the "rose". Take your green florist tape, (also carried at WalMart) and wrap the bottom of the rose along with the entire stem.

When working with florist tape, the key is to pull on it as you wrap. That's what makes it stick. In the beginning when I was making them, I would lose the rose shape all the time. So don't worry if that happens, just start all over.

When they are all finished lay them on tissue paper. Add some silk greenery and a filler if you like, then wrap them up and tie with a bow. You will get different shaped roses depending on the material of the socks.


  1. How cute is that????
    I wish I knew someone that was expecting so I could make one!

  2. These are darling! 2 of my children just had babies and I have a niece due in October. Better get on the stick and get some created!!! Thank you!!!

  3. These are adorable!! I would love to make those for someone. They are just so sweet looking.

    You wouldn't happen to be Auntie NeeNee from TOH BB would you? If so then I am Angielikes2cook on there. :0)


  4. Sorry, I'm not Auntie Neenee. I never realized how many Neenee's are out there, LOL...there are lots!