Friday, August 01, 2008

Salt Dough Pantry Cakes - For Deby

Deby commented yesterday on an older post regarding salt dough ornies, that she is looking for a recipe for making a salt dough bundt cake.
I didn't know of any but I went into the Primitive & Rustic Crafts & Decorating Forum to ask around.

These are the responses I received Deby - thanks so much Barb & Maggie!!

Neenee, this is the recipe for the pantry cakes. This one was given to me either by Cathy or Terri. This recipe will probably have to be doubled to make the bundt cake:
1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup coffee grounds, and 1/2 cup cold coffee. Spray the pan with cooking spray. What she would have to do is press the dough all around the inside (about 1/4 or more thick), then wad up foil to fill in the middle, and then put a layer at the top to cover the foil. Otherwise, if the whole pan is filled with the dough, it won't dry completely and will get moldy and icky. Then, you bake it in a slow oven for a couple of hours or leave it out in the sun for a really long time to dry. When it's dry, rub spices all over it or make that fake icing with white glue and white paint to drizzle over the top.
Hope this helps.

And Maggie posted this link for me:

Hope this was helpful to you Deby!

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  1. Sounds like a yummy recipe! BTW....I am LOVING my new blog! You did a really nice job on it. Thank you so much. I am figuring it out piece by piece!