Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prim Witch Hat & Crows Nodder

This past week I've been busy making up some Halloween items for my EZshoppe. I've already added two new items to my shoppe, a photo of the Witch Boot & Crow hanger is in a previous post and there's a photo of a Witch Cat & Crow below.

I intended for this Witch Hat & Crows nodder to be added as well, but am worried that it won't ship well, and I don't want it crushed, so I decided to keep it for myself. The pattern is one of Tennessee Ridge Primitives. I love it. The original design had the hat attached to a beehive bobbin which I just loved but I only have one of those and am using it as a tapered candle holder so opted for a rusty bed spring. You can't see it in the photo, but the hat has been handsewn to the spring. Using a spring was tricky, since the hat wants to bob around. It has toppled over on me a couple of times when a little wind came through my dining room window! I'm thinking I might make up a grungy pumpkin and weight it and tuck it into the bottom of the spring so it won't do that.

I tucked ( hot glued) a bundle of Sweet Annie inside the stained cheesecloth 'scarf' that is wrapped around the brim of the hat.

This is the Witch Cat & Crow shelfsitter, made from a Moonchild's Primitives pattern. Another fun pattern to make. Donna, the owner and pattern designer of Moonchild's primitives has this photo and a recreated graphic I made of it on her site on a new page titled Customer Recognition. I'm the first one, woo hoo! ;)
If you would like the graphic, I'm offering it as a 'freebie' on my blog Prim Patterns 'n Handmades.


  1. Hey Krazy Kraft Lady! How the heck are ya! I have the pattern for the cat and crow...It's really cute. I should probably see if I can make one up for my show. Your witch hats are great! I should have some things to post on my blog soon!

  2. Hey Shari!! Long time no see!! lol

    I just 'sold' the cat & crow yesterday - just waiting for the payment - I'm going to make another! They are so cute.