Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tutorial For Creating Leather Look On Fabrics

I've been wanting to do this for a very long time but never really knew what the process was. I assumed after sanding, that a type of wax needed to be applied and rubbed in to soften the fabric and give it a shine.

I was viewing a gorgeous prim cat and bird pinkeeps on the Folk Art Fans .ning group by PrairieRose ( Linda) who has an Etsy store by the same name. I commented that I just loved them and asked how she got that soft leathery look. She does NOT use any kind of wax. She shared her 'secret' by writing up a mini tutorial.
Isn't this cat pinkeep wonderful?? You can view the bird pinkeep on Linda's Tutorial For Creating Leather Look On Fabrics.

Thanks so much for sharing Linda!
Photo © PrairieRose
do not take without permission from Prairie Rose


  1. This is good! Another way that I do mine is also easy. I paint two coats burnt sienna let dry,sand lightly, then using liquid brown shoe polish...apply one or two coats,,,will be nice and have the feel of leather. when dry crinkle it up to make lines and aged look.

  2. Hi Cindy - thank you for sharing how you make your fabric look like leather too!!! :-)
    I want to try both of these methods!


  3. Thanks for sharing this Denise, I love it!

  4. How cool! I did this on a doll I made a few years ago...I wanted her to have old leathery looking skin. It works like a charm!