Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1692 Witch Boot Hanger

Yep, I'm still at it, still making Halloween items which is probably dumb at this stage of the game since it's already the middle of October. I can't seem to help myself. It's like a drug and I'm hooked.

This stocking is from a pattern by Tennesee Ridge Primitives. The top is filled with Spanish moss, Sweet Annie & orange and yellow pipberry stems.
The original pattern calls for two stockings and instead of the 1692 squares that I have, one stocking has the squares that spell out ' O L D ' and the other has squares that spell out ' W I T C H '.
I just didn't feel like making two of the same but I probably should have because I really like this and want one for myself. If it doesn't sell.....well then it will be hung on my living room curio cabinet handle. I display everything I make, I don't hide them in boxes or cabinets. I love them all or I wouldn't make them! As a matter of fact, this stocking is hanging on my curio cabinet.....it's only on the jelly cabinet for this photo. Currently my curio cabinet is full of ceramic vases that I had collected over the years, but I'm seriously considering selling them off and filling my curio with prims that I've made or purchased.

I just went through all my patterns and there are still dozens of Halloween patterns I haven't gotten to yet. I really need to get started on some Christmas items, so I have a plan.

That is, once I've finished with Christmas items, I'm going back to making Halloween items so that by Sept. of next year I will have tons of stuff that I will finally be able to join in on the Fall online Craft shows. I think I enjoy making Halloween items more than anything else. I say that now, but in a few weeks I may add Christmas crafts to that. For a long time I was into doll making, but that has taken a back seat. I still want to make them, I just think I need a clone or two of me so that one can work on dolls, one on Halloween and the third on Christmas. And then there's ornies..........I better get off my duff and get busy, I'm not getting anything done sitting here, lol.


  1. I have this same pattern! Instead of letters I used burlap for the squares and frayed them a bit. Then I sewed black buttons on top of the squares. They were really cute. I have probably more Fall/Halloween patterns than anything!

    Hey! BTW....can you help me change the background on the Cranapple Christmas blog? Go to my website and you'll see the new look. I felt like I needed an image makeover...

  2. Hey Shari :)
    I like the idea of burlap and buttons - bet it looks great!!

    Sure, I'll come over and take a look, will be glad to help you.

  3. Hi Denise! It's award time again. You can grab the award and the rules on my blog.