Friday, October 03, 2008

Trip To Lancaster & Carlisle PA

Tom and I left for Lancaster PA Wednesday morning at 5:30 . It's a 4 hour drive to Lancaster for us. Our first stop was Olde Factory Antiques & Crafts in Hummelstown, which is near Hershey PA. I love that place!! It has 3 floors of antiques and crafts, the first two floors being mostly prim crafts. I picked up a few items there.
When we walked in the door, there was a box of spindles on the floor. I saw a price of $2.50 on the side of the box and thought that was a decent enough price for one spindle. I thought I'd buy a few and use them for makedos. I put on my glasses to get a better look and the price was $2.50 for the ENTIRE box!!!! It had to be a mistake so I asked the woman at the front register and she was surprised too but said 'that's what it says' so I gave them to her to hold for me while I shopped around some more. These will need bases on them so they'll stand without falling over. I've got a few ideas for them.

In June on our way to Wildwood, New Jersey for our 2 week summer beach vacation, we decided to stop in Lancaster for the day. In the Prim Mart forum, several girls who go there regularly talked about a shop called Grandma's Attic. I'd never been to that one so got directions. It's on Route 30 going towards The Gap, and sits on the left side of the road. I saw so many things I could have bought if only we'd have had some extra room!! Our truck was full of vacation things so I couldn't buy anything big but Tom promised we'd stop back in the Fall. Well, that was this trip.....and Grandma's was CLOSED!! I was so disappointed. It would reopen the next day which was Thursday, but by then we'd be gone. Now I have to wait until Spring.

One of my favorite shops in Lancaster is Family Creations. I took a few outdoor photos and asked permission to take some indoor as well in the hopes of writing up an article for the Primitive Times Magazine, but was declined permission since the items in this shop are all one of a kind.
We go to Lancaster at least twice a year, once in the Spring and then again in the Fall. I'd have to say the Fall is my very favorite time of the year to go there. Just the ride through the mountains from Pittsburgh to Central PA with the leaves beginning to turn colors is so picturesque.

This shop is another favorite of mine. It's called Dutchland Quilt Shop and is next door to Family Creations. I just learned this week that many of the items in this shop aren't all 'handmade', that they were bought wholesale and then resold. If you aren't looking for genuine handmade prim crafts though, there are really some awesome finds here like home accessories, quilts, lighting, furniture & candles. Below are some photos of a few things you will find here.

By 4:00 pm we were starving since we hadn't eaten since breakfast at 8:30. Our favorite place for dinner is Dienners Restaurant which is located on Route 30, Ronks, next to the Dutch Haven Shoo Fly Pie Bakery (you can't miss it, it looks like a giant windmill.) Dienners has a FABULOUS buffett, once you eat there, you'll go back every time. You can also order off the menu but why would you do that when you can have everything from the buffett??!! Their breakfast buffett is fabulous too. I highly recommend Dienners.
After our dinner we went back to our motel room, showered and settled into bed to watch some television. We were both out by 7:30 LOL We're just a couple of old farts. Couldn't even make it til 8:00. We were up by 6:00 got ready and packed up and had breakfast at Dienners and then headed for Carlisle which is about an hours drive from Lancaster.
I had made plans with two ladies from Prim Mart to hook up for the day. Ree & Teresa knew each other already but I had never met either of them, but knew them from the forum for a couple of years. I'm so glad we did this, I had a really wonderful time and they both are super nice ladies. They took me to several different shops and I did buy a couple of things that I can't get back here. We are hoping to get together again in the Spring when Tom and I go back for the Spring Carlisle Show.


  1. WOW!!! This shop is WONDERFUL!!!! I love american blogs!!! Many times ago,I've had a friend of pen from Pennsylvania...his name is Larry...
    Hello from Treviso, near Venice, Italy!

  2. Hi Cinzia from Treviso!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Glad you enjoyed the photos of these two shops. Too bad I wasn't permitted to take photos inside the one store - some amazing stuff!
    Hope you'll visit again.
    Do you still keep in touch with Larry from Pennsylvania?

  3. Hi!!! Unfortunately no...He lived to Beaver Falls...
    Oh yes, I'll you visit you again!!!

  4. Hi Cinzia ( love that name - reminds me of an American name - Cynthia)
    Beaver Falls is about an hour from where we live. We used to go there to do some antiquing.


  5. Hello Neenee,how are you? Yes, my name in english is Cynthia!
    Ohhhh...his name is Larry Spinnenweber, but I don't know if he remembers of me!
    Sorry...but what means antiquing?