Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello From St. Charles IL

We are on day number 6 of our vacation and having a great time. We left Sunday morning and did some antiquing in Ravenna and Medina OH and spent the night at a friend's condo on Lake Erie in Port Clinton OH. Brrrr it was cold on the lake. Monday morning after breakfast we drove on to Maumee ( Toledo) OH to one of our favorite antique malls. I picked up some old clothespins ( one of the snowmen patterns I bought a few months back calls for these and I didn't have any) for $3 and an old sugar mold that had two glass candle holders inside the molds. Tom offered to hold it for me and wasn't thinking and turned it upside down to look it over and one fell out and broke. No big deal, as I was buying it anyway ( $10) and figured I'd pick up a replacement at WalMarts or a Dollar store along the way. I cannot find a one!!! Nada. The shelves are either empty or the wrong shape and size.
From Maumee we drove to Allen MI where there are about 6 antique shops in a row and 2 shops that carry primitive crafts/wares. I was a little disappointed in those two shops as a lot of the items were not 'handmade' but purchased at a wholesale place and resold. There were too many identical items in both stores. I did buy a couple ornies to use on my tree though.
We then drove on to South Bend IN to spend the night. In the morning we drove over the state line into Niles MI where one of my favorite antique shops is. The entire upstairs is filled with primitives, folkart, Victorian and some Lodge accessories.
We drove back into South Bend and hit up all the antique stores there. I really didn't find anything that I was interested in. But I still love to look. From there we drove to LaPorte IN where another of my favorite antique store is. The loft above the store also has primitives. I purchased a cute sled that had been handpainted with a pineapple. I have no clue where I'm going to hang it, but had to have it.
We drove on to St. Charles and this is where we will stay until Sunday when we head back home.
We are here for the Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot Machine and Jukebox show. Tom is a collector and is having a ball. He's already found some great deals and is in his glory.
I'm a little disappointed but I'll get over it. I have been wanting a brick and wood faux fireplace mantle for our living room for a couple months now but really hadn't gone out looking. On this trip though I found three different ones that I really liked, one that I just had to have. It was only $175 but Tom nixed the idea because he wanted to make sure we had room for anything 'big' that he might buy at the show. I really hoped to have one to decorate up for Christmas this year. Monday, after I'm home and unpacked I plan to do some searching on Craigs List. There has to be a fireplace mantle with my name on it out there somewhere!!

I'm also getting antsy to start crafting. I have a big pile of patterns sitting on my dining room table calling to me. More important, I miss my grandchildren. Can't wait to smother them with hugs and kisses. I picked up some crafty things so the two older kids and I could make some ornies for their tree. I have to laugh. About two weeks ago I was making some prim icicles for myself with aluminum foil, wrapping them with muslin and coffee staining them. Then coating them with Mod Podge and German Glass glitter. My granddaughter wanted to make some too but was too impatient to wrap the muslin on her foil shaped icicles. She just brushed glue over them and sprinkled regular glitter on them and when they dried took them home. She was searching for them a few days ago and couldn't find them. She asked her mom if she'd seen them and and mom said yes, she threw them away!! Jordyn was upset because she made those with 'gramma' and mom said they were 'junk' and weren't going on their tree!!! LOL a prim lover she is NOT. So the 'ornies' we will be making this coming week will be 'pretty' so they don't end up in the garbage can.

Time to meet up with Tom and start walking through the Mega Center. He was up and out the door at 5 am this morning with his flashlight to hunt for bargains. On Friday morning vendors open their trucks and start selling in the parking lot for the early birds and then start moving their wares into the Mega Center and Ball Room. It's going to be a long day.


  1. I used to live near St. Charles and we would go there all the time on weekends! It was fabulous way back then!! LOL! It has been several years now, we moved back to NC in 1991. I still have several things that I purchased on my numerous trips. Would love to see how much it has changed since then...


  2. Hi Shari
    We've actually been going to St. Charles twice a year since 1991!! Back then Route 64 ( where Pheasant Run Resort is) was mostly all farm area. You would be very surprised to see it now, it is all built up with malls, restaurants, condos.