Thursday, December 04, 2008

It Comes In Spurts

I got a little depressed recently because I'd not sold anything from my shoppe for quite a while, months in fact. I set my patterns aside and took a little break. And then in the span of three days I sold 3 of my epatterns, one of my prim chenille sheep on eBay, and $46 worth of items I have on consignment in a shop in Brookfield, Massachusetts called Haymaker's Country Store.
That seems to happen to me a lot - these spurts of sales, and then nothing for months on end.
I guess that's better than nothing, lol.
Anyway, my depression has come to an end because Karen the owner of Haymaker's wants me to send her a few more items, so I've been working on them this morning. I'm making some cute little angel ornies, German glass glitter stars and some snowmen. Hope to get them shipped out by middle of next week if not sooner. It all depends on if everyone leaves me be so I can craft, lol. It does get hectic here at times.

I had these BIG plans of crafting day and night to get items added to my shoppe but that just didn't work out. It's probably too late now anyway, the Christmas items I have up now aren't moving. I'm trying to stay optimistic, someday the right buyer will come along.

I'm not getting anything done if I'm on the computer, so it's offline for awhile. Will post some pics when I have enough done.


  1. Hang in there Kathy. Your items are very nice! The economy has shown a downturn in sales but one thing you can rest assured on and that is the old saying "what goes down must come back up". Well, ok...maybe it's the other way around--but one has to be an optimist!

    Keep crafting & smiling :)


  2. I am sooo stupid..I meant to say Denise :) I think too much Holiday cheer has gone to my head!!! LOL