Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First Crafter's Convention

I am so very excited! I've belonged to a Prim crafter's forum for four years now. They've had annual conventions but I've never been able to attend as they were just too far away for me. This year, however, the convention is in Harrisburg, PA about 211 miles from me. . . . . and I'm all signed up, paid my convention fee, have arranged a ride to and fro and have 5 roomies to share the cost of our hotel suite. I'm flippin' EXCITED.

I wasn't sure how my husband was going to accept this, but I'm so happy to say he has been very receptive but can only help me out so much since we have other trips lined up before the convention and afterwards. So I've very busy trying to make new items to sell in my shoppe and on eBay to help me along.

I've just about got my share of the hotel suite saved up. I was a little frightened by the rate at first - $249.00 per night, but we are permitted up to 5 roomies and we made it - so it will cost us approximately $150 each total ( includes taxes) I can swing that with no problem.

Next will be my share of the gas and toll costs for my 'ride' to and fro. I have no clue yet what that will be so I'm winging that one.

We will have 'free' hot breakfasts each day and I only eat twice a day anyway, so I need some money for either lunch or dinner for 3 days...I'm figuring $15 per day give or take. Next comes spending money, which is very important since we are planning a trip to Lancaster for a day of shopping. You simply CANNOT go to Lancaster and not spend some money. It's impossible. You might as well just stay home.


  1. Have fun at the convention,I am sure you will have a blast.

    I have left you an award at my blog,please visit and pick up your award.

  2. Neenee, how fun.
    Have a great time and shop till you drop in Lancaster...I'll be there the first week of Feb. shopping. Can't wait.