Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dr. Appt.

I called my Dr.'s office first thing this morning to see if I could get an appt. for today - I'm willing to see any doctor who can fit me in. Luckily, my own Dr. had a cancellation at 3 pm so that's when I'm going. I developed this 'rash' that to me more resembles hives, but it's been 20+ years since I had hives, so I'm really not 100% sure that's what it is. l'm in no pain, but it itches so horribly I'm afraid I'm going to rip my leg into shreds. My SIL took a look at the area last night and she's concerned that it could be Cellulitis, which is an infection of the skin cells caused by bacteria.
I've looked up the symptoms for Cellulitis and the only one I seem to have is a broad area of redness. There is no swelling, no leakage, no puss, no pain or tenderness....just that eternal itching. But I don't want to take any chances, just in case. I've had this 'rash' for approx. 6 weeks now. I noticed the itching when we returned from our trip to Atlantic City the middle of February. It has not gotten any better and looks like it's spread. I was in the hosp. end of January, twice for replacement of lead fractures to my pacemaker/ICD device. I know you can pick up staph infections in the hospital, but you'd think it would have shown up right away, not two weeks later. But I'm not a doctor, so I'll let mine make the diagnosis.

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