Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mystery Rash

Well, my doctor says that my rash is NOT hives, nor is it cellulitis. She isn't sure what it is and brought in a dermatologist's assistant to take a look at it and they both agree they don't know what it is. I'm leaving for a week's vacation this weekend, and my doctor did give me prescriptions, one is a steroid ointment and the other is a oral medication for the itching. If the rash hasn't gone away by the time I get back, I have to see the Dermatologist for some tests and possible biopsy. They said it doesn't look 'life threatening', so that's a relief. I was beginning to wonder if I had that flesh eating disease.

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  1. My friend had a rash on her leg several years ago. It was shingles. I was wondering if that could be what you have when I read yesterday's blog entry. But now since I've read today's, I see that it couldn't be. Hope the meds help and you feel better soon and have a great vacation.