Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Reader's Grubby Jar Results

DEB from SC Oklahoma sent me a couple photos of a grubby jar she made from my Prim Grubby/Grungy Jars e-pattern and label. I think they turned out wonderful!!
DEB says she filled the jar halfway with sand and then placed a votive in the sand pushing the votive down a bit into the sand. The jar looks so warm and cozy lit up, don't you think?

tied raffia around the top of the jar and tied cinnamon dough hearts to it. I think she did a great job! DEB says she is making some jars to give to family and friends for Christmas. A great idea!

If you would like to try your hand at making these jars - you can order the epattern by emailing me at kklprimitives@comcast.net. E-pattern is $5 and included with the pattern are labels: 3- Simplify, 4- Live Simply, 3- Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today, 3- Live Laugh Love, and 3- Blessings. All labels have the burnt edges to them.

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