Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Had A Very Nice Week

As you may have noticed, I've been 'away' since my last post. My three daughters and 9 year old granddaughter
drove to Michigan last Saturday morning for my nephew Joe and his fiance Laura's bridal shower. We called it the 'girls weekend'. The shower was very nice and the food was very good. Afterwards we went over to my sister Diane's house for an hour or so, drove around the 'old neighborhood' where we lived 20+ years ago and were surprised at how much the town had changed since we moved back to Pittsburgh. A lot of buildings and businesses that I remembered were gone and the neighborhood had deteriorated. We all went back to our hotel so that my granddaughter could go swimming. Later we all met Joe and Laura at a restaurant called Joe Kools for a late dinner. Joe Kools was a neat place. Low lighting, great atmosphere and decor, good food and a band was playing.
It was 10:00 by the time we got back to our hotel and we were all asleep by 10:30. Sunday morning we met my sister and her family at Big Boy's for brunch at 11:30 and then headed back home. We stopped off at a White Castle and bought several boxes of frozen mini burgers to bring home. We don't have White Castle here anymore. Many restaurants sell them now and call them sliders.
When we got home I warmed several of them up - I ate two and Tom ate six. The frozen lacks the taste of the fresh ( which are more greasy - and why they taste so good and why they are so bad for us). Luckily I was organized before I left Saturday and had Tom's and my suitcases packed, as we were leaving the next morning for Maumee, Ohio on our way to the Chicago area.
We left at 8 am and arrived in Maumee around 11. We spent a good 2 hours in the Antique Mall. I didn't find anything I was interested in but Tom found a few items he'd been looking for. We had a late lunch at Cracker Barrel and then drove on to South Bend IN to spend the night. We had dinner at the Ponderosa and then next morning sausage McMuffins. We drove a couple miles down the road to Niles MI to the Four Flags Antique mall, one of my favorites because they have an upstairs with lots of prim and vintage goodies.
Once again, I didn't find anything that said Buy Me. But I still enjoy browsing. We drove back into South Bend and hit up several more antique malls and then got back on the turnpike and headed to La Porte IN to do some more antiquing. Two hours later we arrived in St. Charles, IL which was our destination for the Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot Machine and Jukebox Show. Tom and I are collectors ( mostly Tom, lol) and we have 22 jukeboxes from the 30's, 40's and 50's along with various 1950's Coke and Pepsi machines, advertising and soda fountain memorabilia. I have 2 pinball machines that I love to play but can't get to them for the big pile of boxes Tom has stored in front of them that we use for shipping off eBay items and my crafts. Before we got a computer, I spent most of my free time playing pinball.
We had a great time in St. Charles. Tom picked up a really nice neon Coke sign and a few Coke and Pepsi light up signs he'd been looking for along with a couple gum machines.
He took me to the Country Store over in neighboring Geneva, another store I love and I picked up a few items my daughter had on her list. I bought some muslin at the Hobby Lobby and was looking for some fabric to use in my sunflower centers but nothing said 'buy me'.
We arrived home Sunday evening, tired but happy. We had a great trip. To top it off, when I checked my emails I had several orders for my sunflower fillers which I've been working on the last two days.
Re: my mystery rash. It's still a mystery. The steroid ointment I've been applying seems to be diminishing the rash where it began...but now the rash has spread to the other side of my leg and is creeping upwards. Not good.
I'm going to call the dermatologist today to try to get an appt. asap. The itching continues to annoy me and my leg looks diseased.


  1. Good morning Neenee.
    I enjoyed reading your post today - I see you were on the road the same time our house guests were. They were traveling from Pittsburgh as well.
    They arrived here in Wisconsin on Friday around 4 and left Sunday morning around 8....you probably were in line together at one time and didn't even know it! lol

    Glad you had a great time antiquing here in the Midwest...we're only 1hr 45 min. from St. charles. Great place to go.
    You should go there on the first weekend of each month they have a huge, huge flea market at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles....it's one we go to a few times a year.


  2. hello,
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  3. Willa - I left a comment re: 3 column template on your blog.