Monday, May 11, 2009

Crafter's Convention

I will be leaving for Harrisburg, PA early Friday morning by Greyhound bus for a 3 day 'convention' with 30 other crafters from a forum I've belonged to for 3 1/2 years. Two of the ladies I met in person last Fall and the remaining 27 I will be meeting for the first time.
Two of my '4 roomies' will be picking me up at the Harrisburg bus station Friday afternoon and from there we will drive to the Olde Factory Antiques in Hummelstown as we will have a few hours to kill before checking into our room at the hotel.
Friday evening we will be meeting each other, although several of the girls have attended previous 'conventions' and already know each other. This is my first. We've seen photos of each other so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to put names to faces before we actually introduce ourselves. Some girls will be arriving on Thursday and Friday morning and have plans to go to Hershey, the Outlets and hit a few wholesale shops.
Saturday we will be driving to Lancaster for a day of shopping and will have lunch at Dienners, my favorite Amish restaurant. That evening some of the girls plan on going out dancing and the rest of us are having a 'tea party' in one of the rooms.
Sunday morning we will leave early for some flea marketing and then in the afternoon a craft project is planned and I imagine there will be 'games' of some kind because I know there are lots of prizes that have been donated.
Monday morning I'll be headed back home at 8:10 am.
I'm both nervous and excited at the same time. I think my bus is scheduled to make one stop along the way and if I want something to eat, I'll have to go into the rest stop, but I will have my eye on that bus to make sure it doesn't leave me behind. Tom says he doesn't want to get any phone calls saying I'm stranded on the PA turnpike. Good thing the bus has a toilet on board. I'm putting a banana and some dried fruit and nuts and bottled water in my carry on bag in case I decide it's too risky to leave the bus.
It's going to be a little weird sharing a room with 5 ladies that are virtually strangers other than what you know about them from online. Our suite has two bathrooms which is a plus. I wonder how the shower schedule will be, as I like to shower in the morning - and if everyone else does too, then we are going to have to get up at 5 am so everyone can have breakfast ( courtesy of hotel ) and be ready to leave promptly at 8 am for our day's excursions. Silly thing to worry about I know, but I am afraid of being left behind. lol
What if no one likes me?? What if I snore and bother my roomies? What if they snore and bother me? I hope they will let me have the air conditioning on. . . I hate being too hot. What if they hate being too cold?
I am going to CONVENTION!!! Woot Woot!!!


  1. I was wondering what time you had to be at the bus stop on Monday morning NeeNee! That is bright and early!!!

    Watch out Harrisburg............ here we come!!!


  2. Yeahhhh for you Neenee - have a wonderful time and I do soooo hope I can make it out there for the Saturday shopping.

  3. Too early Teresa :( but that's my only way home, lol

    Hope it all works out Karen - would love to meet you!!!

  4. Boy oh boy,
    I am sure jealous about your trip. Next year include me, cause I snore too, and I like to sleep with it cool:)

    Have a great trip and take lots of pictures.