Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home From PM Convention

Can you pick me out?

What a wonderful time I had!! I'm so glad I made the decision to go. I will admit that I felt a little out of place as most of the girls there were the same age as my two oldest daughters. Although there were a few closer to my own age. Everyone was very friendly and I was never made to feel unwelcome, even if I was old enough to be their mother. We were on the move and busy the entire weekend. I had 4 roomies who I was very comfortable with and had a great time with them. We shopped, we ate, we shopped, we ate, we shopped, we ate, we shopped, we slept, we ate, we shopped, we crafted, we ate. lol It took me two days to recuperate at home and catch up on my sleep. Although I did cat nap the 4 hours on the way home on the Greyhound. I had a window seat all to myself, no smelly people nearby ( bus trip to Harrisburg was not as pleasant ) and best of all, Tom missed me!!!! He's glad I had the opportunity to go but he's glad I'm and sound.
I was so busy the day I arrived at Harrisburg, and every time I looked at the clock, either he was still at work or it was time for him to be in bed. So I called him early the next morning before he left for work. He 'joked' that he thought I left him and run off with a guy I met on the bus. lol


  1. Neenee you are such a sweetheart
    I'm so glad I got to meet you and I really hope you will be in Savannah next May...

  2. we sure had a great time! (I must be hiding behind Teresa in that photo...all I see are my capris and my sandals!! LOL

    It was nice meeting you...hopefully we can all make it to Savannah next year!