Friday, June 12, 2009

He's NOT Going To Kill Me

Last evening my car wouldn't start so I could drive over to Curves. Hubby came out to look at it and the battery needed a jump. It did start up after he jumped it with his truck but he was leery on me driving it in case it died on me again and no one was around to give me another jump. He said he'd take it to get tested over the weekend. He actually offered me his truck - which is his 'baby'. It's a Dodge Dakota quad and he's always washing it, waxes it on a schedule. You could eat of it, it's so clean.
We've had the truck for 3 years and the ONLY time I ever drove it was the day he brought it home and that was around the block.

So, I get in the truck, move the seat and rear view mirror. It was really hot out so I rolled down the window on the driver's side. I made sure I put it back up when I got to Curves. It had rained that afternoon so I was hoping it wouldn't rain again until later because I had no clue where the headlights were or how to turn on the windshield wipers. They aren't in the same place as the ones in my car. After my workout I sat in the truck for a few minutes drinking my water and sweating to death, so went to roll the window down again and I pushed a wrong button ( thought it might be the door lock) and after a couple tries I got the right one. When I got back home, I made sure I rolled the window back up and locked the truck.
We were watching TV when it started to thunder and lightening. Tom asked me if I'd remembered to roll up the window and I told him yes.

He just called me from his route. He said "I have good news and bad news" I said "tell me the bad news first". "No, I'm going to tell you the good news first. I'm not going to kill you". Aw oh.
"The bad news is when I got into my truck this morning, the back window was down and there were puddles on the floor in the back seat, the cushions in the front and back were soaked and you will not be taking the truck out anymore". d**n. The button I pushed that I thought was the door lock had to have been the button for the back window.
I said "so you really aren't going to kill me then". "No, I'm over being mad, I kicked a couple of hods at work and I'm done now".

He's probably serious about not letting me have the truck :-/ but when my car finally 'dies' for good we aren't getting another vehicle because he's retiring in Sept. I hope he's prepared to take me everywhere I want to go, WHEN I want to go....hee hee I'm pretty sure he'll give in and let me start driving it again. ;D

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