Monday, July 20, 2009

One More Pillow - For Grandaughter

click on image to view larger size

9 year old Jordyn has been watching me make these pillows and asked if I would please make her one too. This is the fabric she chose for her border & backing. If you click on the image to enlarge the photo, you'll notice that on the two small flowers, I've sewn flower buttons on the centers. Unless I get another order for one of these, I think I'm done for awhile with Thyme To


  1. She made a great choice NeeNee! It looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks Teresa, she's going to be so excited it's done already, lol

  3. Hello
    I was in search for Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfill in the 5# box I saw you said you get it at Wal-Mart- I was able to get mine there too- but 2 Wal-mart stores in our area have discontinued it- I can't find it online anywhere perhaps you have a resource where I could buy it-I swear by this - doesn'lump up - thanks for any help you or anyone else can give me in finding this.