Monday, July 13, 2009

Prim Grungy Pears

I've been busy over the weekend making up some ornies / fillers for a customer who owns her own restaurant here in Pennsylvania ( Galeton) and will be adding handmade USA crafts to sell to her customers ( much like Cracker Barrel does). I finished up these pears today and am working on some glass glitter stars and then some folkart sheep ornies. Thanks for the repeat business Deb and wishing you lots of luck and sales with your new venture!!


  1. I really do believe she will do very well with this. Here in illinois we have a restraunt that does this..after dinner, always fun to go shopping..a great place for a special day with friends! I love the pear fillers.. These would look so cool in one of my blue mason jars!

  2. Hi Cindy
    I thought it was a great idea too. I don't think these particular pears would fit inside a mason jar - they are too big, almost the size of a real pear. That gives me an idea though - lol I can make mini pears!!

  3. how exciting, those are awesome!