Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bunny Pillow

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Isn't this a cute pillow? My daughter's mother-in-law, Bev wanted me to make her a pillow for a baby shower gift. The baby's name is Clayton. Bev didn't care what I came up with, and said I could use my 'prim' fabric and/or stitchery images because the parents liked 'country'. So I didn't go crazy and stain the muslin, just in case they don't like the grungy look lol and went with a patchwork fabric.
The bunny is a doodle from Twigs & Sprigs minus the bee which I just added cuz I think they are cute.


  1. Very lucky little baby! Great job, way cute, thanks for sharing, Elaine

  2. How sweet! Good idea for a baby gift...