Friday, August 28, 2009

The Grandkids

The grandkids and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sister and her son and his wife from Michigan. They are driving down this weekend for my middle daughter Carey's baby shower tomorrow. I was taking photos of an item I'm donating for a contest and since I had the camera out the kids wanted their picture taken. I told the kids that Diane would be arriving about lunchtime and to please try to keep the house looking 'neat' at least until after they've been here 10 minutes!! Diane called a short time ago to let me know that they got a late start this morning and won't be arriving now until closer to 3 pm. So now the kiddos are coloring some pasta shells and making necklaces....hoping to keep the mess at a minimum. It's just too hard for them NOT to make any kind of mess longer than an hour. Now, looking at those angelic faces, isn't it hard to believe they can cause MAYHEM and MADNESS? lol


  1. I love your blog Denise,, Your prim items that you make are so unique..They ae all made with "love"..Bev

  2. Thank you Bev - I appreciate that more than you know. ~Denise~