Thursday, August 27, 2009

Handmades Basket For 'Chinese Auction'

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I just finished the handmade goodies for my 'donation' to my daughter Carey's baby shower 'Chinese Auction' that is on Saturday.
Instead of $ prizes for the winners of the shower games, each guest will get a 'free' ticket and then when they win one of the games they will get another ticket. At the end of the games they will put their tickets in a bag in front of the basket they hope to 'win' and Carey will pull out names. My husband Tom donated a 'basket of cheer' with some wines. My eldest daughter made a basket that is filled with Autumn/Halloween decorative items and candles. There will be a few other baskets but I don't know what those are yet.
In mine are an Autumn themed stitchery pillow, a Christmas themed stitchery pillow, a framed stitchery, mouse in a stocking ornie, snowman clothespin ornie, Harvest Thyme pumpkin pinkeep and a snowman ornie with scrunchy stocking cap ( really cute, you hang the ornie on tree by the end of the stocking cap - there is wire inside for shaping the 'scrunchy'
All that's left to do now is purchase one of those bags that the basket will fit in and use a blow dryer to shrink the bag - then I'll tie it off with some homespun.

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  1. What a great prize! Have fun at your daughters babyshower grandma!!