Saturday, August 01, 2009

Kind Of A Productive Day

I made a point to get up early this morning and take my shower and head off to Trader Jacks ( a local flea market that is open year round). I was hoping to find some treasures, but I guess I got there too late ( 9 pm ) as there were a good amount of vendors, but really nothing that I was looking for. I really like making my little mice and was hoping I'd find items that I could put them into -like old baby shoes, dipping spoons, etc. Nada. Didn't find any shelves or cupboards that I could prim up. Didn't find that wonderful Hoosier that I would dearly love to have for my very own.
I did however find two nice wooden frames with glass that I can use for my stitcheries.
And for $1 I got some flat clothespins that I want to use in some Christmas ornies.
Not prim or anything close, but I bought two nice plastic storage containers for my leftover food for 25 cents ( for both)
I also picked up two new over the door hanger racks for $1 each. One I put in the shower to hold towels and the other is hanging over the door in the computer/craft room. Have no clue what I will hang there, but hey it was only a buck!!!
I also picked up two aluminum foil pans for some pasta salad I'm making for a picnic tomorrow - this way I won't have to take one of my good bowls and worry whether it will be returned or not, lol.
I stopped in at Joanne Fabrics after I left Trader Jacks and picked up a yard each of brown and dark gray wool felt and with my 40% off coupon bought a pair of Fiskars Rag quilt snip scissors. I've yet to make a rag quilt but have been wanting to for some time now. Now I can!!! WOOT!
Then I made a stop at Walmart's on the way home for a box of polyester fiberfill and this particular Walmarts still has some fabric. Most Walmarts have gotten rid of this dept. so I am lucky ours is still around, though not for much longer from what I understand. I was looking at the homespun and it was the same - same-o....until I looked in the clearance bin.........OMG...there was some NEW homespum in Autumn colors!!!!!!!!! OMG and I didn't have very much money left on me, so could only buy a yard of each. :(

I was so disappointed that I couldn't buy more, these colors are sooooo HARD to find in my area. The fabric with pumpkins is not homespun but I loved it so bought a yard.


  1. Trader that in Illinois? I have herd of it but have never been there. Love the fabric colors..I agree that pumpkin one is awesome!

  2. What pretty fall fabrics! It will be that time again before we know it!