Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Large Prim Sunflowers

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I put my little mice aside for a couple days to work on these large prim sunflowers. I had made some mini sunflower pokes for a customer and began eyeing up one of my crocks and decided I wanted some large sunflowers in there instead of it just sitting empty on a shelf in my kitchen. I made 12 sunflowers and gathered up some dead sticks/branches from outdoors. I cut small slits in the back of the sunflowers and inserted some hot glue into them and then stuck the sticks inside being careful not to let the glue 'glop' on the outside. In the bottom of the crock I put some florists foam, then inserted the sunflower 'stems'. I then added some Spanish moss between the sunflowers ( which also helped them to stand up better). I had tied homespun bows onto my customers flower pokes but decided I didn't want to do that since I planned on inserting some dried Sweet Annie into the crock as well. For the finishing touch I stained a length of cheesecloth and tied that around the crock. I love how it turned out.


  1. I love your sunflowers! You just make the niftiest things.

  2. Just lovely and look so prim!

  3. Well Lady....I love your Sunflowers.
    They turned out just beautiful. I have never liked Sunflowers at all but for some reason this year they have become a favorite. I purchased grungy ones, beautiful faux ones and this last weekend some real ones for a display in my screen room.

    I like how you displayed yours Neenee.


  4. Love it, I was thinking about doing that today! I saved the stems of the roses my hubby gave me for anniversary...Hope they will be strong enough to hold them....Love your mice, too!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Thanks everyone :) I found that if you used a few sticks that weren't perfectly straight - they made for a more interesting display. ;)