Friday, August 21, 2009

Mice In The House!!!!

Hubby wants to know what I plan to do with all these mice. Well, some of them are going to be put into little stocking ornies much like this one
And some will find homes in rusty look tin cans like this, which just sold for me this week!! :)
Others will be turned into pinkeeps, may find homes in pumpkins, witches and snowmen hats.
after making both styles of mice, I find that I prefer the mice on the right in the top photo. They are made from Warm 'n Natural, then I coffee/vanilla stained them, and after they were baked I rubbed cinnamon into them.
These mice are great. They don't leave droppings anywhere and they don't run across the floor when I turn a light on in the dark. These would make excellent pets, don't you think?


  1. They're so cute! Those are definitely my kind of mice! LOL

  2. Sweet, sweet mice!! Isn't it funny how you can make something and that idea snowballs into a lot of other ideas?

  3. Aren't your wee mousie's precious!! Too cute and just love all your wonderful idea's in how to use them.
    Yes siree...those kind of mice are the ones I like...stuffed! hehe

  4. Sure.....I could deal with some of these mice in my house!!!!!!! LOL.... So cute and LOVE all that you do with them!

  5. I am making mice too!! Yours are looking great!

  6. Oh these mice are soooo cute - even the little ones withou bodies! Love your displays.