Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Couple New Pumpkins

 Edited: Sunday 12:30 pm - I made another chenille pumpkin and crow and is still available on my website.

I made this one last night and added it to my EZshoppe this morning......and it just sold about 15 minutes ago!!  First time that has ever happened to me where an item sold the same day it was listed.  :)  Both pumpkins are made from an old chenille bedspread that I've cut up for my crafting.  This one has been stained and painted - picture is brighter and lighter than the pumpkin actually is.  It's much darker and more rust and dirty looking.

This next one I decided to leave white and it has German Glass glitter all over the pumpkin!  Again, photo doesn't do it justice, you can't even see the glitter, but it's there!  No crow on this one.  This one is currently listed in my EZshoppe - now wouldn't that break a record if this one sold today too?  LOL


  1. I'm not surprised! We all love unique pumpkins and pretty Fall things! You'll just have to make more!

  2. Ohhhhhhh, fabulous pumpkins surprise it didn't last and no doubt your fabulous white one will POOF just as fast!
    Get busy making more...chop chop..LOL

  3. LOL @ Lex - I made another pumpkin and crow this morning.

    Thanks everyone!