Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here's How This Is Gonna Work

Originally I was going to use the number generator to choose a winner for my Fall Giveaway - but I had 'forgotten' that I said you could have more than one entry if you did certain things...and I just wasn't sure how to go about doing that for the number generator so instead I typed everyone's name who entered and beside their name how many entries they have.  You automatically got one entry for being a follower, one entry for posting a comment, one entry for posting about the giveaway on your own blog, another entry if you posted about the giveway on Facebook, Twitter, etc - but you had to tell me you did or it doesn't count.'s the list of entrants - we have 40 !
So now I'm going to go copy these all down on little slips of paper and have my hubby pull out a name.  Best of luck everyone!


  1. I see my name! Good luck to everyone! I'll jump back on in a bit! Thanks!

  2. EeeeeeeeeeeeekS!!!! I think I see my name....pick me My Pretty!!!!! I just realized the same thing for my give I'm busy typing my entrants!!