Saturday, September 05, 2009

My House Is Over Run With Mice!!

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The mice are multiplying I now have four
At the rate they are mating, we'll soon have more! 
Okay, so I'm not a poet, lol
I just have a thing for mice lately, big, small, grungy, cutesy, white, brown, black, just so they aren't real!
Here's a closeup of what I call Harvest Pumpkin Mouse
He's sitting inside an orange homespun pumpkin that I stained and inserted some curly rusty wire into then glued some Spanish moss and faux leaves to.  I made two tiny pumpkins that are attached to the moss.
My mouse also has a rusty wire with 2 small rusty bells around his neck.  He was made with Warm 'n Natural that I coffee/vanilla stained and then stuffed.  He has nice long whiskers too! 

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