Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Primitive Style Mini Sun / Flower Garland

I just listed this 24 inch long mini sunflower garland on eBay
There are 18 flowers - double backed
Can be hung on shelves, cabinets, windows, over curtains, on fireplace mantles - use your imagination!
There are loops for hanging ( I used those clear plastic tablecloth clips to hang this one on my jelly cabinet and curio cabinet.

a close-up of the flowers
I had one eBay viewer ask me if I didn't think my price was a bit high on this item and I responded that no, I did not, the 18 flowers took quite some time to sew, stuff, bake and then sew again onto the jute thread that my time is also figured into the cost, not just the materials I use.
Maybe this item won't sell this week, but I'll relist if it doesn't and it WILL sell when the right buyer comes along.


  1. OH so discouraging sometime........people who don't handcraft have no idea how much time goes into what we make...the right buyer WILL come along and appreciate your talent and how unique their purchase is..and treasure it .....your work is beautiful!

  2. If the person who comment realized that if she bought the sunflowers individually at 6.95 for 6 of them that she is actually getting a great deal. I actually think that it is underpriced but that's just my opinion. I just love everything that you do. Thank you so much for sharing so generously of your time and talent.
    Your blog is the first one I visit every day in anticipation of what you've come up with next. Hugs, Cindy

  3. Thanks Cindy - actually they are getting an even BETTER DEAL than that, lol as I sell a set of 6 flowers on eBay for $4.95
    Thank you for being a faithful reader of my blog - I really appreciate that you visit often!

  4. I did some of these and like them...I think
    I would do single ones, you only see the front
    of them anyway, that would save you a lot of
    time, or you would then have two swags to sell, if you still did 18 of them. You could
    do an extra circle on the back to cover the
    jute...I am going to make an arrangement with
    the ones I did and put them in a coffee pot...

    Bear Hugs~Karen