Thursday, September 03, 2009

Remember The Mice?

I had to finish making up the grandkids their mice in Christmas stockings before I could work on other mice projects and I just finished those up yesterday.  I made one in burgundy, one in dark green and one in caramel so they can tell their stockings apart.
Today I put my little mouse inside a vintage baby shoe with some eucalyptus, dried babysbreath and a dark burgundy dried flower.  I think it turned out pretty cute for my first one.

I had to downsize the mouse to fit in the shoe.  The same mouse I used for the stockings was really far too big.
I didn't have any gray wool felt on hand so I used some Warm 'n Natural and then stained it with coffee and vanilla.  It really took a long time to dry, but it was worth waiting for.  I used white upholstery thread for the whiskers and the coffee stain made them look more 'natural' and stiffer.  I'll be putting this one on eBay and then will make a few more for Etsy and my EZshoppe.