Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Witchy Fingers & Bones

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This is what I spent this morning working on....gnarled olde witch finger and bones bowl fillers. 
I traced my middle finger on a large index card and added some extra length as my fingers aren't 'long' and graceful.  
I machine stitched the long ends of the fingers, leaving the small end open for turning and stuffing.
Stuff firmly and slip stitch the opening closed. I love that when you look at them sideways, they have the shape of a bent finger! 
I had some coffee stain already mixed up for a previous project so mixed some stain with some green acrylic paint and brushed the mixture on the finger, adding more green in some areas and more coffee stain in others.
When covered, I put in a warm oven (250 degrees) and baked til dry, turning over so as not to burn them.  Although if they did burn...I might still have used them.
I wanted to go with red painted nails, but I couldn't find my barn red paint, so opted for a color called metallic rose, added a hint of black paint to darken it because it was really BRIGHT and painted a nail on each finger.  I then painted thin creases near where the finger joints would be.

I didn't have a bone pattern, but it wasn't hard to draw out.  My scanner/printer is 'in the shop' right now or I would post the template.
Just use a large index card - draw out a dog biscuit shape - does not have to be perfect - it's an olde witch bone after all.

I drew out another bone shape and the ends were smaller and it was curved.  You can see it better in the first photo near the top.  I used magnolia white paint and coffee stain for the bones and while still damp, rubbed them with cinnamon and then baked them dry.
These would look so COOL sitting in a bowl on your front porch on Halloween night.  I was thinking of making up some eyeballs too...hmmmm


  1. What a goulish idea especially like the purple nail polish!

  2. OMG.........I love those!!!! What a witchy idea!!!

  3. those fingers look so real..you did a great job..;)

  4. Wow - you are extremely creative and crafty. I just made Halloween curtains for our dining room and thought that was an accomplishment (but curtains are actually very easy). You have some great articles on your site about blogging tips, which is wonderful. I found your blog through the BlogFrog network and wanted to stop by and say welcome. So nice to discover your blog!

    Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)