Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu, Cold, Whatever....

I've been feeling pretty miserable since Sat. night.  Started off with a very sore throat in the middle of the night.  Happens occasionally so I wasn't too concerned.  By Tuesday morning throat felt like someone stuck a hot poker down it, I had severe coughing that hurt like the dickens and chest congestion that would make me gag and run for the toilet.  I spent all day Tuesday 'in bed' trying to get over this thing.  Yesterday was bad as well except add sleeplessness to the equation.  It's been a rough 5 days.  Don't feel much better today so called and got an appt. to see my Dr. tomorrow afternoon.  I need something to knock this thing out of me.  My middle daughter is having a C-section on Tuesday ( her first baby) and wants me in the delivery room with her and I won't be able to go in if I'm still sick.  It would just kill me not to be able to hold our new grandaughter.
I've been trying to move around a lot more today, got some towels & whites washed and made a pot of homemade chicken kluski noodle soup for dinner.  I also painted the top of the faux fireplace I bought over the weekend.  It was originally a brown color but had some gouges in it.  ( Don't mind the pink walls - they are NOT going to be that color much longer.  You may also notice that one of the grandchildren got into some paint that my daughter left unattended when she was stenciling her room).

 I got out my black acrylic paint and started to paint the mantle and decided that's what I wanted.

So here it is finished.   It looks like a totally different fireplace and you cannot  see any of the gouges any longer.

This is a paint sample.  I was really wanting the bottom color which is called Gingersnap, but hubby thinks it's too dark so I 'may' go with the middle color called Broomstick.  The curtain valance that I've been thinking of purchasing would go better with the Broomstick.
I'm having a real hard time deciding on a valance as I like this one a lot too
If I decide to go with the 2nd valance choice I would then go with the Gingersnap paint.  Decisions, decisions.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. So glad that you have a doctor's appointment and hopefully, you will get to feeling better very quickly. I love your fireplace! Your new room is going to be dynamite! Take Care of yourself! Donna, Ebay Seller ID: countercrafts

  2. Oh my, I am sorry to hear you are sick and I
    know that will be hard to take if you can't
    be there when your granddaughter is born!
    I just love that second valance!

    Get well soon!

    Bear Hugs~Karen