Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mouse In A Ladle/Dipper

Oh yeah, here she comes with those mice again.......this time I put one inside one of the black enamel ladles/dippers I picked up last week during my 'travels'.  I hot glued ( yes, Lynn I really did, LOL and did NOT burn myself this time around) some Spanish moss, grapevine twigs and Sweet Annie inside the dipper and then glued the mousie in.  His tail is a piece of jute and it curled in the oven which I just love.  It's sitting off to the mousie's right side if you can see it in the photo.
I then tied a bundle of Sweet Annie to the handle with some coffee stained cheesecloth.  I love how it turned out and this lil guy will be hanging from the top of one of the cabinets in my kitchen.  I have a few more ladles, so will be making more to add to my website and ArtFire and Etsy.
I took this photo first - and of course it's not a good one because it shows the flash in the copper tin. 

This one is better, although I think I need to find a better backdrop for the photos I plan to put on my shoppes.



  1. That is sooo cute Nenee!!
    Great job as always!

  2. I'm rolling on the floor laughing about the glue comment!!!!! Great idea in the ladle!!! I'm still laughing....you made my night!!!

  3. Thanks Shan and Lynn :)

    Lynn......I was going to write that I glued myself to the ladle, LOL but didn't want you to pee your pants. ;)

  4. Your killing me girl!!!!!!!! Just choked on my coffee.....LOL