Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Own Little Corner

My youngest daughter, who will be 28 next month has rented a house with her boyfriend and they will be moving in Nov. 1st.  That means that I get to turn her bedroom into my very own sewing/craft room and I can finally move all my clutter out of the dining room and computer room. I purchased a long 6 ft. table last week for my sewing machine and work station.

I went out yesterday looking at paint samples and I really like one called Bronze Eucalyptus - it's a darker pumpkin color - more brown than orange.  I've been looking at curtain valances and bookcases for craft storage.  I even bought a faux firplace to put in the room so that I can use it not only as a decor, but also as a prop for photographing my crafts.

I  bought this off Craigslist for $75.  It doesn't give off heat, but it does light up and gives the illusion of a fire going.  It smells like cigarette smoke and needs a good cleaning, but I'm happy with it.  A little murphy oil soap and it'll be good to go.  I also like that it has the long stone front ( separate piece) so that I can set some lighter crocks on it.
I just purchased this black distressed shelf off eBay today and it will also go in the craft room.
I've been looking at prim/country valances for the 2 windows in the room but am having a hard time choosing between two. 
I want to be more organized too so I also picked up a wooden rack to hold my threads and I'm looking for either a revolving spice rack or wire rotating rack to hold my craft paints.
I also have bookshelves in mind for storing my fabrics and other craft items.
I'm currently using 6 wooden crates stacked on each other and turned sideways like cubbys to hold many of my items - this will also go in that room.
I'm really getting ahead of myself as the first thing I have to do after my daughter moves her possessions out is to give the wood floor a good cleaning and get the painting done.  But I am soooo excited, LOL.  Can you tell?



  1. Sounds wonderful! I keep waiting for the day I can take over my older sons's room (he is 21) and do the same. My crafts are spread out between cupboards etc in my sunroom. Your color sounds great!

  2. How nice!!! I hope to someday have a room for myself and do like your doing...the color sound great, the fireplace is awesome..the perfect piece to make your space cozy..can't wait to see it finished!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and for your sweet comments. Please stop back again!

  3. A room to call your own craft in.....well life doesn't get better than that.....!!!!!! I think its so funny she's not gone yet and you have BIG plans for her room....! Kids now a days do things so differently than us.....I can't imagine my telling my parents 33 years ago that my husband and I were moving in together as boyriend/girlfriend.....oh well its the world we live in today....have fun with the room!

  4. sounds like your having a blast deco.the is so nice to have a studio all to yourself. My daughter is 17. When she moves out we will prob turn her room into an office for my hubby...hopefully that won't be for awhile unless she dorms it at college. have fun and good luck to your daughter.