Friday, October 30, 2009


    My daughter and baby Isabella will be going home today.  Poor Carey had a very bad day on Wednesday - the 'baby blues', missing her husband, overwhelmed, not getting enough sleep, etc.  I will be spending the weekend with them to help out and to bond with Bella.  
 I'm still battling this darned cough that just won't go away, but I feel so much better than a couple days ago.  I have to keep washing my hands of course when handling Bella and when I feel a cough coming on hand her back to mommy.
    I was up until 1 am last night finishing up the last four ornies for an ornie trade I'm involved in.  Had to make 28 of the same thing...after the first 10 it really got hard, lol.  They need to arrive at their destination by Monday out in California so I wanted to make sure they got mailed out today.
    A week from Sunday Tom and I will be on our 'road trip' headed to the Chicago area for the Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot Machine & Jukebox Show.  The show doesn't actually start until Friday morning but we like to leave early and do some antiquing along the way arriving on Tuesday night.  The Kane County Fairgrounds has a smaller show that goes on for Wednesday and Thursday that Tom likes to go to.  So we have a pretty busy week.
    I was inspired by  Homespun Annies Primitives' icicle snowmen to make some of my own.  This is my version. These were fun to make and the grandkids all are getting one for their tree. Their eyes are beads and the lower half of bodies are covered with 'snow' glitter.  I used infant socks for the hats and they are tied with mini rusty bells.

   This Santa Star 'Believe' Makedo was created from a pattern by Homespun From The Heart. He was sent to Massachusetts last week and I just have to make another for myself, I love how he turned out.


  1. i love the icicle snowmen was it hard to make the pattern? think i might try any hints

  2. Very very cute icicles.. I want to order a me with the prices..

  3. Love the snowmen ! Enjoy that new baby and have fun in Chicago!

  4. Love your version of the icicle snowmen! They're adorable! ~~Annie

  5. Love the snowman icicles!!!!!
    Its wonderful that you are able to be there for Carey....I read on your Menopausal blog things are not too good right now for her.....I hope things will work themselves out for her and that her husband is able to return home soon. Please thank him for his service.