Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What'cha Workin On Wednesday

I don't always have a project I'm working on, on Wednesdays, but I do today!
I'm making some small stitchery pillow ornies to send on consignment to Massachusetts.  
I've only made 3 so far, but will be making some more. . . . after I finish cleaning up the living room that is. 
I've been searching for weeks for an electric fireplace with stones for my LR.  I was 'so sure' there was plenty of space and hubby kept insisting there wasn't.  Well, I was going to show him!!!!  I moved, rearranged, moved again and blast if all if he wasn't right!!!  I am soooo bummed out.  It might have worked if our furniture wasn't so 'large'.  
Since I can't have a fireplace....I now have my eye on a primitive mirrored shelf that would go on the wall where I wanted the fireplace.  It's a nice 35" wide by 28" high.  Hmmm some stitched mini-pillows would look cute on that!


  1. I love those little pillows, especially the prim Christmas Tree.

  2. Love them! My favorite is the Let It Snow pillow :)

  3. I love those .....where are they going in MA??????? My house ...I hope :) We actually had snow here yesterday.......winter is here....I don't know where spring, summer and fall went......?
    Have a great day!