Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Know How Excited You Get When......

you get that email that says you have made a sale?  Well, in the span of 3 minutes this morning I got 11 sales.
Yeah, right.  
Someone who has nothing better to do than to send fake orders has been sending them ALL DAY to me.  The first 15 or so were totally blank where the information is supposed to go.  The next 10 or so all have this 'crap' in all the info sections with various numbers. 

I don't know if 'you' are a reader of my blog or not, but just in the slightest chance that you are, please find something better to do with your time, and stop wasting mine.


  1. wow, sorry someone is doing that to ya.

  2. Oh that is soooooo not nice! Any chance of that problem being a virus of some kind? I sure hope not. That stuff is so distressing. I hope it clears up for you asap!

  3. Boy, it takes all kinds, man they need to
    get a life!!!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. They continue least 15 a day. Very annoying. I've contacted the EZshoppes owner to see if she has any suggestions or knows if this could be a virus of some sort. Haven't gotten a reply yet.