Sunday, December 27, 2009

My First Project In New Craft Room

This is the first item I've made since finishing up my new craft room.  It was so nice to have everything within reach and I feel so much more organized.
A customer bought  another Posies Doll I had for sale on Etsy for a relative for a Christmas present and liked her so well she asked if I'd make her one too.  This is her Posies Doll.  I plan to make at least one more before starting on to something else.  I hope to get started on her later this afternoon.
I'm still waiting for Tom to hang my new mirror.  I'm getting nervous because it's laying on the floor and I just know I'm going to trip over it and break it - then Tom will end up in the hospital.........LOL cuz I will have to do some serious damage ........ 
I'm having the family over for boiled ham and cabbage today.   We usually have it with the leftover Christmas and Easter hams.  I add potatoes and green beans to mine, like my mom did.  I also add some beef broth for more flavor.  Does anyone have a really good ham and bean soup recipe to share? 


  1. Oh Neenee she's so cute.
    I guess miss Posies doll cristened your new craft room!

  2. Neenee, she's just adorable. I'm so happy you finally have a craft room. I told hubby that the next house we buy I'm definitely going to have a craft room. Hope you have a happy, safe, and healthy new year. Linda

  3. Love her! I hope to be able to convert one of our boys bedrooms into a craft room after they graduate high school and move on out!! LOL!!

  4. Congrats on gettin' your room Neenee. Love your Posie Doll. I got new cabinets and a counter top to make a new craft space against a wall in the space that sits between our living room and dinning room. I'm tryin to get everything outta tubs and organized. It's sure a job lol as you well. know.
    Hope your Christmas was filled with warmth,love and many moments to build wonderful memories =)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  5. Absolutely precious! Must be so nice to have a craft room to work in!