Monday, December 07, 2009

Started Painting Today

I started painting my 'new' sewing/craft room today.  I work in 'areas' which drives my hubby crazy.  I'll start on one end of the room and cut, paint, do the ceiling in the same area ( same color) and move on.  Then I'll go back and do the second coat so that when that dries I can start moving things back against the walls and move on to another area of the room.  Our rooms are so danged small, it's too hard not to do it that way.  Hubby would cut the entire room first - then apply the first coat.  When that was dry he'd do the second coat.  Then he'd do the ceiling last. 
The way I look at it.........if you're doing the it your way.  If I'm doing it........leave me alone , I'm doing ok. 
This is the color of the room before I started painting.  The pink is actually much darker and brighter than the photo shows.

 I'm painting the room 'coffee'.   Hubby HATES it - says it's too dark.

I say...."it's my room and I'll paint it whatever color I want to".  So there.
He won't be spending any time at all in there  ...unless he plans to  sew up a doll or  make some ornies.  
I called it a night as my old bones are aching and I'll resume in the morning if I can move my body.
Anyone want to come trim the windows and door frames for me??  I hate that part.


  1. I love the color! Why do hubbies care when
    they won't be using the room, anyway? I
    bet you will be glad to get it all done.
    I was thinking of painting my kitchen
    cabinets red!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. I hear ya Karen. I love the room so far, and since it's 'my room' lol - he has absolutely no say in the matter. ;P

    Red cabinets sound awesome!! If you decide to paint them that color - you must show pics!!!