Wednesday, January 06, 2010

'FRIENDS' Heart Make-Do With Crow

I had 2 of these wooden candlesticks that were painted green.  I painted this one black and then sanded it in areas to give it a worn look.  It's also been sprayed with sealer. 
The heart is made from Char Sethman's heart make-do pattern but I made the crow and 'friends' cloth tag from a pattern by Saltbox Mercantile.
Both heart and cloth tag are coffee stained.
I wrapped yellow & burgundy pipberries around the base of the candlestick and the small crow sits in the berries.
He looks brown in the photo, but he's black with cinnamon rubbed in and he has a 'leather' look to him. 
This one is listed in my EZshoppe KKL Primitives
With the other candlestick I'm going to make myself a similar heart make-do - but with  a different floral  fabric and the cloth tag will read ' Family'. 


  1. I love this! Very cute. I had never heard of a make do until I started blogging. Now I am very intrigued by them! My only problem is figuring out where to get the candlesticks. We don't have many thrift stores in the area I live in so I'm not sure where I could find some reasonably priced ones. But I will keep looking. Who knows, if I can't find any, I may just have to buy one of your make dos!

  2. Simply lovely with all your added touches mades it so untique!