Friday, January 01, 2010

Key To My Heart Grungy Makedo

This one is now listed in my EZshoppe KKL Primitives
Stands about 10" high
Base is glass candlestick that I gave the faux rust treatment to

I ALWAYS dry my stained items either in my oven on low heat or I'll use my blow dryer if the item isn't too wet.
I thought this time I'd try my microwave as it's supposed to speed up the drying and give the stains an old water stain look.  The first make-do ( in previous post ) turned out 'ok' but wasn't as stained as I'd wanted it to be.  So I really applied a lot of coffee stain to the next one and put it in the microwave for the recommended 35 seconds.  Flipped it over and repeated the 35 seconds.  Still too wet.  Repeated this process.
WARNING !!!!  Don't do what I did!!!  It almost caught fire!!!!  I probably should have reduced the seconds to 20 or less because it was COOKING.  The seams burnt right out, it was badly scorched and I had to toss it.
I tried it again on a new stuffed heart.  Reduced the times and it still scorched.  But I re-stained it and put it in the oven to finish the primming process and it's the one in the photo above.

I've learned my lesson.........I will only cook FOOD in my microwave from now on.  I'm sticking to my good ole reliable oven.

adapted from a pattern by  Char Sethman - Charsshowroom


  1. Neenee,
    Wow! I'm glad you didn't burn your house down! I love your make do! Too cute! I saw some glass candle holders at the dollar store but passed them up because I didn't realize they could be "rusted" up! I'll have to give them a try! Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Awesome job NeeNee !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins
    Happy New YEar !

  3. LOL, not funny I know to loose something you made but yes, it's funny the way you described it! Thanks for the giggles.

    Heart turned out wonderful.

    Happy New Year,

  4. Too cute How do you do the faux rust on glass? I can do the bells and pins